Cadac Gas Water Heater 12LT

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Automatic Operation:

  • Turning on the hot water tap will automatically produce hot water. When the tap is turned off, the flame will automatically extinguish.
  • Independent control of water flow and gas flow makes it easy to adjust the water temperature.

Innovative Design:

  • Sleek shape and convenient to install.
  • Advanced energy-saving combustion technology greatly enhances burning efficiency.
  • Ignites at low water pressure (0.03Mpa or 0.3Bar or 3m water head), fulfills the needs of consumers in rural areas with low water pressure.

Complete Safety Functions:

  • Sensitive IC flame sensor will cut off the gas supply if the flame goes out unexpectedly.
  • Insufficient water flow pressure protection - In the case of water supply being cut off, the gas valve will automatically turn off.