Folding Bucket 12L

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Water is essential in our daily life and more important to outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, etc., but can’t carry too many bottles water because taking lightweight luggage is a key to outdoor activities.

This is why foldable buckets appear! The buckets are made from sturdy and waterproof material so that water can be held well and won’t leak. Two strong webbing handles on both sides make it easy to carry and move from place to place. The round bottom ensures to stand when the bucket is filled with water.

These multi-functional collapsible buckets will be a great useful tool for your fantastic outdoor experience. They will satisfy your needs of washing and cleaning during the whole outdoor journey, such as fruits & vegetable washing, towel washing, face cleaning, etc.

It’s easy to be stored if not in use, all you need to do is just to drain the water and fold it, then put it away in a drawer, and won’t take up too much spaces.
12L : 25x24cm