What is the best gas geyser for me?

What is the best gas geyser for me?

Unlike a conventional electric geyser, a gas water heater does not store water in bulk which needs to be maintained even when not being used.

When using a gas water geyser, cold water is only heated when you require it. It does this instantly by passing cold water through a heat exchanger where heat from the gas burners is transferred to the water.

There are many benefits to switching to a gas geyser, or even installing one as a back up to your electric one. A gas geyser provides instant hot water, so there is no need for waiting for water to warm up. Naturally, switching to gas reduces your electricity bill and ultimately reduces energy costs because it does not waste energy constantly heating up or maintaining the temperature on large volumes of water. Gas geysers are also much smaller in size than traditional geysers, so the space saving is welcomed by many apartment residents. Due to the fact that most gas geysers are battery operated, they are not affected by load shedding or power outages, so you can enjoy a hot shower even during stage 3.

Things to consider when choosing a gas water heater.

How many outlets do you need, if you require just one outlet, for example in a kitchen sink, a 5lt gas geyser would be sufficient as it provides 5 liters of hot water per minute.

In a bathroom with three outlets (shower, bath, basin) a 20lt gas water geyser is recommended as filling a bath would require between 12-20 liters of hot water per minute.  The smallest recommended size if only one shower outlet is needed would be a 10lt as a shower generally requires 9-12 liters of hot water, this is however the lowest and we would recommend taking a size larger then is required.

Things to consider when installing a gas water geyser.

This is a gas appliance and needs to be installed by a registered gas installer. (Need an installer in the Gauteng area? Click here)

Your gas installer would advise on what regulators and piping are required and also what size gas cylinder to use.

If a gas geyser is installed in a public area, such as restaurants, the gas cylinder must be placed in a gas cage. Gas cages are not compulsory on private property, although we do still recommend them as an additional safety precaution.