10 Essential Items For The Beginner Camper.

10 Essential Items For The Beginner Camper.

Thinking of your first camping trip is both exciting and daunting. spending a few nights camping could be an unforgettable adventure or a living nightmare. The idea of being self sufficient and leaving all the comforts of your home behind in pursuit of a stay closer to nature is a little overwhelming. Best believe that your first camping trip will determine whether you become a seasoned camper, or vow never to see the inside of a tent again. 


To ensure you have the best trip possible, we’ve compiled a list of 10 essential camping items for the beginner camper, that will make your stay more comfortable and have you back for more because we know that having the right gear can mean the difference between a restful weekend in the open air or making a last minute booking at the closest hotel.


    1. A quality tent. Temperatures drop at night and insects are also most active at night, camp without a tent and you risk being infested by insects, exposure to the elements and a restless nights sleep. Tents come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, but how do you choose the right one for you? The first question to be answered is, how many people are going to be sleeping in the tent? Be sure to select the correct sized tent. Secondly, how extreme is the weather going to be where you’re camping? And thirdly how long will you be camping for? A great place to start is a 2-3 man tent like the explorer 2 man tent. A tent that’s quick and Easy to assemble and easy to pack away when you’re done makes your trip that much more enjoyable. If your stay is longer than a weekend, look at something a bit sturdier, like a roof top tent or a camping trailer. These can also be hired, so there’s no need to fork out a large amount of cash if you’re new to camping. If you’re going to experience extreme cold or rain, you’re better off in a canvas tent. These tents are much heavier and are more effective at keeping the elements out. So whether you’re looking at the best 2 man tent, something a little more spacious like our best 4 man tent or the best canvas tents, be sure to have a quality tent when camping. 

    2. A sleeping bag. Just like a tent, purchasing the right sleeping bag is a matter of looking at its application. Most sleeping bags today are more than good enough for your average Highveld evening, with temperatures dropping in the evening, I  use our totai specialist sleeping bag and found it to be warm and comfy.

    3.Camping chairs. When you’re not sleeping, you will need a comfortable place to sit back and enjoy the views. If space is a problem, check out the ultra light camping chair, it compact yet sturdy, and fits neatly into a carry bag, it’s so small that it could find a permanent space behind your seats or in your vehicles boot and still not take up much space. If comforts what your after, the totai moon chair is for you, the extra padding and unique circular design allows you to be cradled, so comfortable even the real slim shady wouldn’t stand up.

    4.Cooler box or bag. Cooler bags are becoming increasingly more popular, I guess it’s because when you done using the contents, you can simply fold the bag flat and there’s no wasted space. Don’t forget to add a few frozen ice packs to the mix to ensure your food and drinks are kept cool.

    5.Self inflating mat. If you’re not used to it, sleeping on the ground can be a little uncomfortable, not to mention cold. A self inflating mattress is perfect to lay in your tent to ensure a good nights sleep protecting you from cold ground and giving you a softer place to crash.

    6. Lighting. After enjoying a beautiful sunset, night falls, be prepared and invest in some decent lighting, a rechargeable led light is perfect, with up to 8 hours of battery life, before you need to recharge, the bright light it provides is perfect to light up your campsite. 

    7. Gazebo. The sun can be harsh, protect yourself with a gazebo, a 3x3 pop up gazebo is easy to put up, comes in a carry bag and provides smoke cover for you and your mates.

    8. Braai stand or grid. Cooking on an open fire is a huge part of camping, it brings you closer to nature and everything just tastes better. A fold-able charcoal Braai stand like the Totai maxi Braai is perfect. Chuck a few pieces of your favorite Braai meat and enjoy.

    9. Portable cartridge stove. I never go camping without my cartridge stove, from breakfasts to coffee, in just minutes, a cartridge stove is easy, convenient and affordable to run. Don’t forget to stock up on one or two extra cartridges, just in case.

    10. First aid kit. While it’s unlikely that you will experience a life threatening injury whilst camping, a long day hiking in the sun could cause a headache or a few small cuts and scratches. Make sure that your first aid kit has the essentials to treat this and things like insect bites, sunburn and dehydration.