10 Best South African Outdoor Youtube Channels.

10 Best South African Outdoor Youtube Channels.

South Africa enters a national shutdown on Friday, 27 March. South Africans will be expected to stay home except under very specific circumstances.

We know that you'll be craving some adventure and outdoors... So we've compiled a list of the 10 best South African outdoor YouTube channels that will give you your adventure fix. So stay home and binge watch some quality local YouTube content, don't forget to like and subscribe! Let's help local content makers.  


Here they are, in no particular Order


1. Juba's Journey

Joubert, or more fondly known as "Juba quit his job as Civil Engineer at the age of 32 to embarked on an overland adventure through Southern Africa. He travels with his wife Jackie and his Land Rover Defender called Mkulu. Watch as the trio visit wildlife parks and remote places, while only stopping in towns and cities to resupply on food, fuel and water.


2. Stray Along The way


Bevan and Jill, a husband and wife team originally from South Africa but currently living in Taiwan, just want to spend more time outdoors and It seems other people want this too...so they thought they'd help with that.


Through their videos, they inspire and teach others how to spend more time outdoors and maximize those precious moments in the natural world through detailed adventure guides; tips, tricks and how-to articles as well as some adventure stories from themselves and others who have inspired them.


3. Travel Gigolo


One of our favourite South African adventure channels has to be Travel Gigolo, you'd love his videos too, if you enjoy to the point, informative videos on camping sites, travel and more , there's this huge sense of understanding that this is just what he loves. His videos are perfect when planning your next trip!


4. Get out, GO!

Get Out, GO! is your online resource for Southern Africa overlanding and bush camping. Go along as Chrisstof reviews bush and rustic campsites and explores Southern Africa.


5. Roam Overlanding


With some of the most breathtaking cinematography, Rugged Overlanding, seeing and experiencing the beautiful places in your country and beyond! Find yourself, in the middle of nowhere with Roam Overland and their fully kitted Suzuki Jimny 4x4.


6. Rolbos Overland

Simon and Minouw are two 30 something professionals who decided to quit the rat race and pursue their love for overland travelling and the outdoors. They started Rolbos Overland to share their passion for travelling, camping and exploring, they are adventurers, taking every chance they get to explore life off the beaten track.


7. 4x4Ventures

4X4ventures is a YouTube channel created for 4X4 enthusiasts, with a love and a passion for the great outdoors, and everything that gets you to those remote, off the-trail, places. New or old to the world of 4 wheel drive and what it has to offer, we hope to inform and educate you on the things we learn throughout our developments. From journeys to discoveries, reviews to informative tid-bits, this is the channel for you.


8. My life in Africa


My Life in Africa is an overland safari company based in South Africa. They do guided self-drive overland safari tours, in Southern Africa. If traveling Africa is your dream and passion we can help. Their YouTube channel is a glimpse of what you can expect on an overland safari into Africa and provide you an insight into 4x4 gear, 4x4 driving skills, 4x4 travel and routes.


One of their most exciting videos has got to be when they drowned a 4x4 in the Okavango Delta. Watch the episode here.


9. Edward Bath


Join Edward as he documents his travels through Southern Africa and shows all that it has to offer, countries visited and presented in the content include, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Mozambique.


10. Nicole Eddy


Nicole Eddy all the way from Cape Town, South Africa! Join her on her adventures around the globe or at home in Cape Town.


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